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Management Plan Development

Habitat management plans enable landowners to plan and manage their land effectively, both for wildlife and people. They identify different habitats and how they should be managed for different species, safeguarding the environment, enhancing business reputations and benefitting people. They also help to plan maintenance schedules and budgets. Through a combined approach our ecologists and landscape managers can produce plans that suit your requirements and provide realistic solutions for your site. Management plans can include:

  • initial surveys
  • preparing site management briefs and plans
  • visions, aims, objectives and prescriptions for managing the site
  • the provision of specialist advice on habitat or species protection


Timing: All year round
Examples when one could be needed may include a Local Authority Performance Framework requirement to demonstrate positive conservation management. Developers may require habitat enhancement or creation for mitigation proposals during the restoration of open space to meet local biodiversity targets.



Client: Sheffield City Council

Project: Shirebrook Management Plan

In 2010 Wildscapes wrote the management plan for Shirebrook Nature Reserve, a 100 hectare Local Nature Reserve located in the south east of Sheffield. The report was commission by Sheffield City Council and involved compiling records of the site, undertaking public consultation, and devising a four year management strategy that linked to national and local biodiversity priorities. The report helps to consolidate the goals for management and maintenance, and makes them easy to communicate across the different stakeholders and user groups of the site.