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NVC Surveys


The National Vegetation Classification (NVC) is a standardised method for identifying plant communities within Britain. NVC surveys are more comprehensive and complex than the basic Phase 1 Habitat survey, and are used when a more detailed analysis is required. Quadrats are used to collect data on the abundance and frequency of each plant species. This information is then analysed and used to classify each habitat.

Timing: The optimum time is April – September but surveys can be undertaken all year round
Examples when one could be needed may include as part of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) submission, or as a prerequisite for Habitat Management Plan creation.



Client: Derbyshire County Council

Project: Bolsover Grasslands Project

Wildscapes was commissioned by Derbyshire County Council in July 2009 to carry out grassland monitoring at three sites (Poulter Country Park, Tibshelf Ponds and Pleasley Trail) as part of the Bolsover Grassland Project. Areas of grassland within the sites had been selected for inclusion in an over-sowing programme, aimed at improving their floristic composition. In 2009, before the seeding took place, five 2m x 2m quadrats were marked out in each field parcel and a species list was compiled for each quadrat, using the DOMIN scale to estimate cover of each plant species. The survey was repeated in 2011, after the reseeding had been carried out. The quadrat data was then assessed against the species within the seed mix to determine the success of the project and to give recommendations for further improvements.