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Phase 1 Surveys

The Phase 1 habitat survey is a standardised method of biological survey, which simply and easily classifies and codes different broad habitats and plant communities. An extended Phase 1 survey also looks for evidence of notable and protected species or potential habitat for such species. A Phase 1 survey often acts as an initial ecological appraisal or scoping study for a site.

The extended Phase 1 survey that we carry out consists of a detailed habitat map entered onto GIS, species lists, target notes for interesting features and priority species brought together through our detailed reports. We include management recommendations if required and identify where more detailed protected species surveys maybe needed. 

Timing: The optimum time is April – September but surveys can be undertaken all year round.
Examples when one could be needed may include road alteration schemes, new build planning applications or to use as part of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) submissions.



Client: Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Sites: Across Barnsley

2013-2014: our ecologists carried out Phase 1 surveys and assessments to inform the Barnsley Local Dvelopment Framework. The framework acts as guidance for local planning authorities and decision-makers, both in drawing up plans and making decisions about planning applications. This project involved surveying over 2000 hectares of potential development land in and around Barnsley. a report was produced for each of the 350 sites and identifying any areas of significant ecological value and giving recommendations for further survey work or initial mitigation.


Client: Sheffield City Council

Sites: Across Sheffield

Wildscapes carried out Phase 1 habitat surveys at four large parks in Sheffield, where our recommendations are informing the development of strategic masterplans.The work involved mapping each park using the standard JNCC methodology, collating records, writing habitat descriptions and making management recommendations. A separate report was produced for each park which outlined key recommendations and priorities for management.


Client: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Sites: Across Rotherham

2012-2013: Wildscapes was commissioned to carry out extended Phase 1 Habitat surveys on 11 sites in Rotherham to help inform the Local Plan in respect of housing and employment sites. The surveys involved compiling botanical species lists, mapping the habitats and assessing the data against Local Wildlife Site criteria. A number of protected species surveys were also undertaken across these sites including winter and breeding bird surveys, water vole surveys and bat surveys.