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Wildscapes are able to undertake all apsects of fencing, including the construction of post and wire and post and rail fencing, and the removal and disposal of existing fence lines.


Client: National Trust

Site: Stainery, Derwent

In November 2014, Wildscapes were commissioned by the National Trust to remove 1300m of post and wire fencing. As part of this contract, the team separated and packaged all the waste materials for airlifting, working in partnership with the National Trust's rangers.


Client: National Trust

Site: Stony Ridge Road

In July 2014, this contract involved the removal of the existing fence and the construction of 1500m of a new stock proof fence. Wildscapes supplied the materials and labour, and followed the specification exactly, taking into account the sensitive nature of the site.

The team delivered the contract on time, on budget and to a very high standard; all elements of the work were conducted efficiently. We received extremely positive feedback from the client, as well as from the Eastern Moors Partnership.


Client: Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust

Site: Greno Woods

In March & April 2013, Wildscapes built 1400m of stockproof post and wire fencing around the heathland in Greno Woods. We also supplied and installed two field gates and three stiles. A corporate volunteer group from BT also came along and got involved with the work, learning from Wildscapes staff how to construct post and wire fencing. The project also included the supply and installation of three stiles and two gates. All materials were sourced locally and all work was carried out by hand to reduce the environmental impact of the project.