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Moorland Conservation

Within the last three years Wildscapes have been involved in numerous large scale moorland restoration projects for Moors for the Future, Sheffield Wildlife Trust, Sheffield City Council and others; our particular specialism throughout the winter season is moorland management including heather spreading, geotextile laying and fencing. The team have extensive experience delivering work on SSSI’s, SAC’s, SPA’s and ESA’s on both open and closed access locations. Wildscapes staff are chosen due to their dedication and interest in moorland conservation work, and are trained to act safely towards wildlife, deliver work to a very high standard and interact well with the general public.


Client: Moors for the Future

Site: Various sites including Bleaklow, Kinder Scout, Deer Hill Moss and Saddleworth

Established in 2003, the Moor for the Future partnership works to conserve large parts of the internationally important moors of the Peak District and South Pennines.  A number of organisations such as Peak District National Park Authority, National Trust, Environment Agency, RSPB, Natural England and a number of water utility companies have collaborated on this multi million pound project. 

Since 2011, Wildscapes have been commissioned to undertake a number of large scale moorland restoration projects for this partnership. Contracts have involved:

  • Kinder, 2014: Wildscapes spread 448 bags of heather brash at Seal Flatts.

Deer Hill Moss, 2012/13: On this contract Wildscapes were responsible for all ground truthing and marshalling of helicopter drop sites. We oversaw the safe dropping of approximately 10km of geotextile and 140 bags of heather. Specifically relating to the heather we were responsible for spreading them to the specification outlined by the client and received positive feedback from them about the quality of our spreading and our understanding of the client’s requirement to only spread on areas of bare peat to the correct depth.

  • Bleaklow, 2011, 2012, 2013: Again working for Moors for the Future Wildscapes have regularly delivered heather spreading work on Bleaklow (including WoodLIFE3) with a typical contract size being around 750 bags

We continue to deliver work alongside Moors for the Future on a number of sites across the South Pennines and the Peak District. Most of these are Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and therefore work is restricted to winter months outside the bird nesting season. Our flexible approach to contract management means we can deliver large contracts within these tight time frames.


Client: National Trust, Kinder Scout Catchment Project

Site: Kinder Scout

The Kinder Scout Catchment Project is a partnership between the National Trust, Natural England, United Utilities and Environment Agency. The project aims to restore areas of bare peat on the Kinder Scout moor for a number of benefits including water quality, flood prevention, carbon storage and biodiversity.

  • Winter 2013/14: Wildscapes spread 3,000 bags of heather brash at Kinder Scout. through working closely with our National Trust contact, we were able to avoid delays by having bags of brash lifted "as and when", rather than all being lifted at once and being left to freeze over the winter. We were also contracted with doing a "bag sweep" of the moor as other contractors had let their empty bags get loose and blow freely across the moorland.
  • September 2013: Wildscapes carried out a large scale cotton grass (Eriophorum spp.) plug planting contract that involved preparing, airlifting and planting over 50,000 cotton grass plants across chosen locations. The species were sourced locally and planted to mimic natural colonisation. Through careful preparation the project was delivered to a high standard and the work on Kinder Scout has since been used as a case study to identify and promote the multiple benefits of moorland conservation. During the preparation and lifting stages Wildscapes partnered with Saddleworth based Pennine Helicopters. Read more information about them here