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Paths & Rights of Way

Wildscapes can undertake all kinds of path work, from repairing footpaths to constructing brand new aggregate paths, raised footpaths and woodchip paths, including the installation and maintenance of steps and drains. All staff are fully trained in the use of excavators, dumpers and ride on rollers.


Client: Sheffield RSPCA

Site: Sheffield Animal Centre

In June 2014, Wildscapes were contracted to build 200m of raised crushed brick path through the woods at Sheffield Animal Centre, for staff to walk the dogs on. The entire project was carried out by hand as there was no vehicle access to the site.


Client: Sheffield City Council

Site: Green Lane

In 2013, Wildscapes delivered restoration work to 515m of Green Lane bridleway for the Public Rights of Way department of Sheffield City Council. The project involved excavating the existing wet and loose surface material and replacing it with a number of aggregate layers to provide a hard wearing, durable surface. The finished surface was installed with a camber or cross fall where appropriate in order to shed surface water effectively. The end result was a footpath that blended into the natural surroundings and provided good conditions for users in all seasons.

As part of this project, we also installed a number of other features to improve the bridleway including a French drain and a number of land drains, a turning cycle, and a number of giant boulders to restrict vehicle access to the path. The Public Rights of Way team were impressed with the end result and have since commissioned Wildscapes to deliver a number of similar contracts.


Client: National Trust, Peak District

Site: Mam Tor

In December 2013, the National Trust commissioned Wildscapes to replace and upgrade an 80m stretch of flagstone and pitching stone footpath on Mam Tor. The aim of the work was to provide a safer walking environment across this popular landscape whilst preventing

erosion problems and protecting the surrounding features of the site. 

The project involved managing all aspects of the contract including:

  • removing the existing stone path that had become uncomfortable and unsafe to walk down.
  • supplying, preparing and air-lifting materials.
  • constructing the new section of footpath by hand.
  • re-profiling the surrounding landscape.
  • working alongside an archaeologist at all times to protect the Scheduled Ancient Monument features of the site.

We received good feedback from both the National Trust and the public, demonstrating that the improvements were made to a high standard and in keeping with the important heritage of this iconic landscape.

Mark Leah, National Trust Ranger commented: ‘The path had become uncomfortable to walk down, causing people to walk on the grass at the side of the path, causing erosion. Upgrading the pathway will hopefully help conserve the site and greatly increase visitor enjoyment across this great visual landscape’.


Client: Sheffield City Council PROW

Site: Blacka Moor

In December 2012 we completed a large scale bridleway repair contract at Blacka Moor Nature reserve. The work involved moving, laying and compacting over 110 tonnes of crushed gritstone and installing drainage at various points along the bridleway. A sleeper bridge was also installed on the bridleway as part of this project. We have since been commissioned to repair and create a number of paths on behalf of the PROW team.