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Tree Planting

Wildscapes has experiences in all aspects of tree planting, from whips to heavy standards. we can also give competitive quotes for tree maintenance and aftercare (including watering), tree and whip supply, and planting with interpretation to school and community groups.

Client: National Trust

Site: multiple in the Dark Peak

Wildscapes has planted 15,000 new trees at sites across Ladybower, as part of the English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) and the Clough Woodland Project. The work was part of a large scale initiative to regenerate woodland habitats on moorland edges for a number of benefits including wildlife conservation, water quality and flood prevention. All species and sites were agreed with the Forestry Commission and other bodies to reflect the natural landscape and character of the area. By planting the right tree in the right place and re-establishing clough woodland a number of benefits will be achieved. The woodlands will provide a valuable habitat for a variety of species, increasing biodiversity in the area, and also help to improve water quality, and enhance local landscape for the many visitors to the area.

It has been very positive to work alongside the National Trust on a project that fits into the Trust’s 50 Year High Peak Moorland Vision and we hope to continue this work in future years.

Client: Sheffield City Council

Site: multiple across Sheffield

From November 2013 – April 2014 Wildscapes worked in partnership with Sheffield City Council to plant trees at 24 sites across Sheffield. We planted a grand total of approximately 250 heavy standards, 100 fruit trees and 10,000 whips, including 5,000 whips as part of the Big Tree Plant. A large part of this contract was the delivery of planting with interpretation to community and primary school groups, assisting children with planting and educating them in the importance of trees.

We were also awarded an aftercare and maintenance contract, in which we watered and monitored 266 trees at 57 sites across Sheffield, from Stocksbridge to Shirebrook.

This year we are pleased to announce that the Council have awarded us another tree planting contract; we expect to plant approximately 125 heavy standards, 50 fruit trees and 5,000 whips, again working with local schools across the city.


Client: National Trust

Cranberry and Coldside Clough

In November 2013 Wildscapes were commissioned to plant over 4,000 native broadleaf trees on Cranberry and Coldside Clough near Ladybower Reservoir. The work was undertake as part of the English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS), an initiative to regenerate natural woodland habitats on moorland edges for a number of benefits including water quality, flood prevention and wildlife conservation. EWGS is part of the Defra family of environmental support delivered in the Peak District by the National Trust.

Glades, rides and woodland edges were included in the planting to promote a mosaic of woodland habitats, and encourage a diversity in canopy layers.  All species were chosen to reflect the natural landscape and the conditions of the site. Trees were staked and guarded to offer protection from grazing and strong winds.

Since this work, Wildscapes have been commissioned to undertake a number of contracts including further tree planting, fence removal and ground preparation for the English Woodland Grant Scheme.


Client: Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust

Site: Greno Woods

In February - March, Wildscapes carried out contract planting of 7,200 mixed native broadleaf whips and 8,500 Scots Pine in Greno Woods. The whips were planted at 3 different clear fell areas within the woods, which is a Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust nature reserve and a SSSI.